my hero is on tv

ok guys! i added a new tag for submission and this one is very important! as many of you have noticed i tag scopophobia quite often, some of you guys ask since you cant see the common thread between all those posts, but here’s the definition:

Scopophobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by a morbid fear of being seen or stared at by others.

basically i’m asking y’all to check off the option if the picture is of mike or whoever staring straight ahead!

here’s what it looks like:


its extremely simple and i’d really appreciate if you’d help me out here! thank you!

its also very important to stay wary of those who have certain phobias and triggers, and hey, this is a site where people can control what they see for the most part, and often times this site is an outlet to relieve from irl stress for others, so lets respect that and let them enjoy their experience.

happy easter!

A kingdom of isolation

And it looks like I’m the queen

iggy azaelia did a thing where fans could put their own picture on the album artwork for her new album and I think mine is the best

really cool pics of mike goign blur and other lil mike wazowski things